Squeeze Out One Last Marketing Opportunity with Your Old Business Cards

Do you have old business cards that you don’t know what to do with besides dump them in the recycle bin? Wait, there’s a promotional opportunity for your business in those old cards.

Have a card tossing contest for you customers where they win prizes. You could send out an email, Tweet and post a notice on your Facebook fan page to let you customers know about the event. Really promote and have specials going on the day of the event.

Or if you don’t want your customers tossing your business cards create a competition among your employees and have your customers come and watch.

Maybe even post videos of your employees prepping for the competition on your website and YouTube. Give the employees competition nicknames like Discount Rustler or Super Sales Rep. See how I had the promoting your business benefits to your customers? Do that and maybe even end up with a new brand character.

Whatever you decide to do turn it into a marketing event and offer special prices on competition days. It could turn into an ongoing promotion for a few weeks or months or an annual event that customers look forward to seeing.

Be sure to be safe during the competitions. You may want to have safety goggles for competitors to wear. Or make it an easy card toss like those toss a ping pong ball into the goldfish bowl games you see at Fairs and Carnivals. Turn it into a toss the business card into recycle bins at various distances and each distance gets an increasingly better prize or discount.

Check out this video of the Master Business Card Thrower to get some ideas. It’s worth the 2 minutes to watch it. I wonder how much practice the guy had to do. You’ll never look at your business card the same way again.



Let’s All Go to the Zoo!

The first U.S. zoo opened on July 1, 1874 in Philadelphia. Over 1,000 animals were on display and over 3,000 people bought tickets. Admission was 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for children.

Have a zoo themed sale or promotion for you business. Get people coming into participate in a kid oriented zoo day. Send you special clients zoo passes or sponsor an animal friendly charity.

My favorite zoo animal is the koala. Although lions and tigers are always exciting to see and baby elephants are cute. And then there are giraffes and monkeys. It’s hard to choose just one!

Let’s hear about your zoo themed marketing…

Bring Home a Furry Bundle of Joy!

Want a furry, cuddly promotional marketing campaign for June? June is Adopt a Cat Month. If your business markets to pet owners run a special promotion on adopting a cat. Have your customers bring in photos of their newly adopted cat. Post a list of most popular cat names and offer special treats to owners with the most unusual cat name.

Encourage your clients to check out the local animal shelters. Animal shelters experience a surge in unwanted cats in the summer months. Send your best clients toys and treats as adoption kits. Offer special adoption gift baskets that customers can buy for friends who adopt a cat in June.

Did you know:

  • Having a cat reduces your blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease
  • Having a cat fights depression and loneliness
  • Cats are entertaining to watch and fun to play with
  • Cats provide companionship
  • Cats will cuddle up with you on a cold evening
  • Cats are independent and can be left alone while you’re at work

I remember all my childhood pet cats fondly. There was Missyfou (don’t know how I came up with that name but I was like 3 or 4 years old) a tough wild cat that had all white fur and beautiful blue eyes. Missyfou was no wimp. He got into fights with all the neighborhood dogs. I loved that cat wild temper and all.

Then there was Pepsi and Tiger. And on to Max, my favorite, she was gray and white and her fur looked like and elegant tuxedo. Then we had Fluffy, C-A-T and last was Vanilla who was more a beige orange color but we liked the name. I remember trailing colored yarn or string around the floor and watching my cat chase it. A simple pleasure but so delightful to watch.

If you are looking for gifts to send your customers check out www.petdreamers.com . Pet Dreamers products are all natural and make great gifts.