Does Your Voicemail Get You Clients? Time to Change That!

By Fabienne Fredrickson

If you’re serious about attracting clients consistently, I believe you should use every single piece of marketing “real estate” you can. Whether you’ve been in business for one year or 22 years, when you’re marketing your business, you want to have systems in place that PULL in clients without you having to do much to make it happen.

It can even be as “little” as using your outgoing voice mail as a Client Attraction tool. One of the key things you can do to PULL people in that most people in business do not do, especially when they’re working from home, is have an outgoing message on your voice mail or answering machine that describes exactly what you do, for whom, and what results they can expect.

The idea here is to have your voice explain what you do and how to give you referrals . So, instead of saying, “Hello, it’s Mary, leave a message,” you can say, “Hello, it’s Mary of so-and-so business, helping (insert target audience) who struggle with (insert common problem) achieve more (desired outcome).”

Once they know exactly what you do and for whom, don’t forget to list the best ways to reach you (other than phone) : your e-mail, your website, and your tag line. Oh, and don’t forget to include a call to action, like inviting them to visit your website and signing up for something. There are lots of different ways you can use your voice mail outgoing message as a way to get new clients. Remember to keep it pretty short or people will not want to call back.

You’d be surprised how many people over the years became my client, when all they had originally was my phone number. As a result of the voicemail, they all told me they went onto the website, signed up for the ezine, attended teleclasses, and after a while, wrote in to say they were ready to work with me. Not bad for a simple voicemail message!

My motto around marketing real estate? “If you’ve got it anyway, use it to attract clients!”

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Create an outgoing message that can also act as a marketing tool, if it is brief. Include your tagline and e-mail address if it is easy to remember, direct callers to your website, and make sure to tell them about your newsletter or list any upcoming workshops you are promoting. You’ll not only impress callers, you might just get a few new clients out of it.

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Are There Too Many Acronyms In Your Marketing Message?

Beware of using too much industry jargon in your copy if your customers are not familiar with it. They may end up interpreting it like the gal in the Dilbert comic above.

The problem with that is you won’t make the sale because the prospect won’t have a clue what they should buy. Keep the content clear and easy to understand.

Even when targeting a specific market familiar with industry lingo be careful with using too many acronyms. It will make the copy difficult to read and make the reader eager to move on from your marketing messages.

You don’t want the customer so busy trying to sort it all out in his mental dictionary and missing the benefits of your goods or services in the process.

Keep your marketing messages from getting stuck in a Dilbertesque zone of lost sales.

If you need help with your website content consider having Direct Marketing Rx do content audit of your site to uncover its strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll get an extensive report showing the results of a 31 point checklist on the health of your website. You’ll find out if you’re using the 5 components of web content that works.  And if your website is easy to navigate and user friendly.

Contact Us and get your prescription for a website content that sells today!

Squeeze Out One Last Marketing Opportunity with Your Old Business Cards

Do you have old business cards that you don’t know what to do with besides dump them in the recycle bin? Wait, there’s a promotional opportunity for your business in those old cards.

Have a card tossing contest for you customers where they win prizes. You could send out an email, Tweet and post a notice on your Facebook fan page to let you customers know about the event. Really promote and have specials going on the day of the event.

Or if you don’t want your customers tossing your business cards create a competition among your employees and have your customers come and watch.

Maybe even post videos of your employees prepping for the competition on your website and YouTube. Give the employees competition nicknames like Discount Rustler or Super Sales Rep. See how I had the promoting your business benefits to your customers? Do that and maybe even end up with a new brand character.

Whatever you decide to do turn it into a marketing event and offer special prices on competition days. It could turn into an ongoing promotion for a few weeks or months or an annual event that customers look forward to seeing.

Be sure to be safe during the competitions. You may want to have safety goggles for competitors to wear. Or make it an easy card toss like those toss a ping pong ball into the goldfish bowl games you see at Fairs and Carnivals. Turn it into a toss the business card into recycle bins at various distances and each distance gets an increasingly better prize or discount.

Check out this video of the Master Business Card Thrower to get some ideas. It’s worth the 2 minutes to watch it. I wonder how much practice the guy had to do. You’ll never look at your business card the same way again.


Get Gooey Over Gumdrops!

February is about more than chocolate and hearts! Its also about National Gumdrop Day on the 15th! Want to do a marketing mailer with candy and not worry about chocolate melting everywhere? Use gumdrops!

Gumdrops are for more than gingerbread houses. Most of us have at least one memory of gumdrops….oh the marketing aspects of nostalgia. Time to make the most of your marketing mailers and promotions.

Ok, let’s talk about promotional topic tie-ins. Of course the obvious one would be candy stores promoting special gift baskets. Maybe for gift baskets you need to ship across the country or even overseas – sales benefit – gumdrops can travel without melting.

Toy stores can use gumdrops for a promotion sent to parents looking to buy their child a gift. Maybe even the promoting a sale of the Candy Land game.

I remember saving up my allowance so I could buy that board game. I loved staring at the board with all the candy houses and everything else made with candy! Playing the game was fun too. I still have a great love of candy.

Pet stores can send out mailers with gum drops using the headline: “Buy healthy, tasty, chewy treats for your pets and enjoy these gum drops on us.”

Hardware stores can get women customers in with a gumdrop mailer helping them find gifts for their DIY project loving spouses: “Buy your sweetie one of these specially priced items ands get your Honey-Do list done!

My favorite gum drop colors are the green, pink and red ones! What are yours? I’m sure you can think of other promotional ideas to use gumdrops in your mailers. Let me know which one’s you try!

I’m on Alltop!

Check out my badge to the right. Direct Marketing Rx’s Blog will be listed under Alltop Marketing! Pretty cool.

Marketing Idea for White Chocolate Lovers!

September 22nd is National White Chocolate Day. Send your customers a certificate for a box of white chocolates when the make a purchase online or visit your business.

Some people love white chocolate. My mother enjoys it but I’m a milk chocolate gal. I do like a rice crispy treat dipped in white chocolate on one end and milk chocolate on the other made at a local sweet shop. Yummy.

If you run a candy store have a special promotion to celebrate National White Chocolate Day. Post signs in your store windows to get customers coming in. Offer gift baskets filled with a variety of white chocolates and related items.

Yes I know white chocolate isn’t officially chocolate but it’s delicious and if your customers love it get them in your store with it.

Rock Around the Clock Marketing

Rocking Shopping

The radio show “American Top 40 Countdown” was first hosted July 4th 1970 by Casey Kasem. It’s still heard across the U.S.A. and in several countries around the world.

Have you noticed if your customers buy more when certain songs are playing? I know if I hear songs I like I’ll stay in the store longer and likely buy more. But if I hate the music that’s playing I leave in a hurry – sometimes not even buying anything at all.

Research has shown that music can play an important part in the shopping experience for you customers. Enhance the shopping experience; keep them in the stores longer which gets them buying more. Music can also emphasize your brand to your target market.

Have a music themed promotion in July to get your customers bobbing to the beat while they shop. Send out music themed mailers with special discounts during July. Have customers participate in a “What are your favorite top 40 hits?” promotion and then play some of the songs they submit.

Keep your clients dancing to your tune with top marketing hits. What are your marketing plans for the rest of the summer? Need more marketing hints and tips then stay tuned to this blog.

Bring Home a Furry Bundle of Joy!

Want a furry, cuddly promotional marketing campaign for June? June is Adopt a Cat Month. If your business markets to pet owners run a special promotion on adopting a cat. Have your customers bring in photos of their newly adopted cat. Post a list of most popular cat names and offer special treats to owners with the most unusual cat name.

Encourage your clients to check out the local animal shelters. Animal shelters experience a surge in unwanted cats in the summer months. Send your best clients toys and treats as adoption kits. Offer special adoption gift baskets that customers can buy for friends who adopt a cat in June.

Did you know:

  • Having a cat reduces your blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease
  • Having a cat fights depression and loneliness
  • Cats are entertaining to watch and fun to play with
  • Cats provide companionship
  • Cats will cuddle up with you on a cold evening
  • Cats are independent and can be left alone while you’re at work

I remember all my childhood pet cats fondly. There was Missyfou (don’t know how I came up with that name but I was like 3 or 4 years old) a tough wild cat that had all white fur and beautiful blue eyes. Missyfou was no wimp. He got into fights with all the neighborhood dogs. I loved that cat wild temper and all.

Then there was Pepsi and Tiger. And on to Max, my favorite, she was gray and white and her fur looked like and elegant tuxedo. Then we had Fluffy, C-A-T and last was Vanilla who was more a beige orange color but we liked the name. I remember trailing colored yarn or string around the floor and watching my cat chase it. A simple pleasure but so delightful to watch.

If you are looking for gifts to send your customers check out . Pet Dreamers products are all natural and make great gifts.

The She Factor – Marketing to Women

Women Shopping

Are women your target market? Maybe they should be. Women make 85% of all buying decisions, head 40% of households and run 40% of companies in the United States.

If you think you can use generic marketing promotions to appeal to women you need to get out of the dark ages. Men and women do make their buying decisions differently. If you want to know the secrets of marketing to women check out this 3 day event hosted by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero in Los Angeles during October.

You’ll learn hot places to find women willing to spend big money for what they want. And the biggest mistakes people make when selling to women. How female buyers are different from male buyers and many more tips you can’t afford to miss. For more details and how to sign up for the seminar visit: The She Factor

Market Your Business with Your Ringtone!

Floating Cellphone

Do you grope for your cell phone every time you hear one ring? Now you can use your cell phone ringtones to add an extra element to your marketing. You can have your business jingle play every time your cell phone rings. How’s that for free advertising? I don’t have a jingle yet but I’m thinking of writing one so my ringtone will give a jaunty commercial for Direct Marketing Rx.

Or create a ringtone for your top clients so you know it’s vital to grab that ringing phone and not miss closing the deal. I’m going to work on creating a ringtone for my key clients.

Maybe you just want to be able to identify your ringing cell phone. Half the time I can’t hear my cell phone ringing above the din of office noise, radios, TVs or everyone else’s ringing phone. I miss a call I was waiting for and get stuck playing phone tag. Cut through the frustration of not being able to distinguish your phone ringtone from the masses of generic ringtones with PhoneZoo. offers free personalized ringtones. You sign in and select your phone carrier and model of phone to insure you can download ring tones. All you need is a microphone for your computer and you can record your own ring tones. Hmmm, I need to go buy a microphone for my pc if I had one I can’t find it now.

And for non-business calls – there are fun ring tones you can use to alert you to calls from specific family members or friends. I have You Are My Sunshine play when my Mom calls me. Cute, huh? She used to sing that to me on Saturday mornings when I was a teenager to get me out of bed. I would get up just so she would quit singing…I’m not a morning person and dearest Mom is one!

I’d love to hear your business ring tone. Let me know how you like