Brand Your Business Like Don Draper

Are you acting like Don Draper in the season premier episode of Mad Men when it comes to promoting your business? At the beginning of the episode Don fails to make the most of an interview by a reporter from Ad Age magazine. It was free publicity and advertising from an industry magazine and Don kept tight lipped about himself and SCDP.

Instead of using the interview to showcase their firm’s work, build their brand as the innovative start-up he was terse and unusually modest. Draper expected his work – the TV commercials for Glo-Coat. It didn’t and he came out sounding like a jerk in the reporter’s article which required damage control.

Think your products or services will build your brand for you? Not entirely. You will have to do some branding work yourself. People like to know the person behind the business, product or service. Share your story. Explain why you offer something so great they need to do business with you.

Draper came back with the real story about how he came up with the idea to create SCDP and gave great visuals “I holstered my guns” and his company’s back story came alive for the reporter and soon the readership of the Wall Street Journal. Now SCDP (Sterling Cooper Draper Price) sounds like the company to go to for modern, edgy advertising.

What are you doing to get your brand known? Need some motivational music while you think about your branding campaign? Listen to the song that played in the background as Don Draper built up the SCDP brand during the WSJ interview:

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