Is Your Web Site Just Slowing The Rate Of Revenue Decline?

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Are There Too Many Acronyms In Your Marketing Message?

Beware of using too much industry jargon in your copy if your customers are not familiar with it. They may end up interpreting it like the gal in the Dilbert comic above.

The problem with that is you won’t make the sale because the prospect won’t have a clue what they should buy. Keep the content clear and easy to understand.

Even when targeting a specific market familiar with industry lingo be careful with using too many acronyms. It will make the copy difficult to read and make the reader eager to move on from your marketing messages.

You don’t want the customer so busy trying to sort it all out in his mental dictionary and missing the benefits of your goods or services in the process.

Keep your marketing messages from getting stuck in a Dilbertesque zone of lost sales.

If you need help with your website content consider having Direct Marketing Rx do content audit of your site to uncover its strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll get an extensive report showing the results of a 31 point checklist on the health of your website. You’ll find out if you’re using the 5 components of web content that works.  And if your website is easy to navigate and user friendly.

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