You Can Feed the Hungry with Free Rice

Free Rice has an easy way for you to help the hungry in the world. How? You can help the worlds hungry by playing a fun educational game.

It starts out with English vocabulary but you can select a different category. The other categories are Art, Chemistry, Math, Geography and Language Learning. The foreign language categories are Spanish, French, German and Italian.

There is not cost to play the game. For each question you get right 10 grains of rice are donated to feed the hungry. On the right side you see a bowl filling with rice until there are a hundred grains. Then a pile forms at the side of the bowl and you refill the bowl with each correct answer.

The cost of the rice is paid for by sponsors who advertise on the site. There is also the opportunity for you make your own monetary donation but it is not a requirement to play the game.

FreeRice has two goals:

  1. Provide education to everyone for free.
  2. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

It’s a fun way to contribute food to those in need. I’ve donated over 2000 grains of rice while testing my knowledge. When I tried the art section I found out how little I really know about great artists. By the time I played a few rounds I could recognize some artists’ painting styles. It was a very satisfying feeling to learn something new and help provide rice to people who need it.

Want to do more than play the game? You can have your business become an advertising sponsor by contacting Free Rice through their contact page.

How cool is it that you can use your marketing dollars to advertise your business while feeding the hungry? People will see your sponsorship banner each time they answer a correct question.

Help the hungry and educate yourself at the same time by clicking on Free Rice.

I want to hear back about how many grains of rice you donate!

Let’s All Go to the Zoo!

The first U.S. zoo opened on July 1, 1874 in Philadelphia. Over 1,000 animals were on display and over 3,000 people bought tickets. Admission was 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for children.

Have a zoo themed sale or promotion for you business. Get people coming into participate in a kid oriented zoo day. Send you special clients zoo passes or sponsor an animal friendly charity.

My favorite zoo animal is the koala. Although lions and tigers are always exciting to see and baby elephants are cute. And then there are giraffes and monkeys. It’s hard to choose just one!

Let’s hear about your zoo themed marketing…