Are You Making It Hard For Customers To Contact You?

I collected several business cards at a mixer recently. When I tried to follow up with people I noticed several cards had missing information. They could be missing out on a lot business by leaving off key information. And so could you by keeping your business contact information top secret.

Leaving information off your business card hurts your credibility. It made me wonder what these people were hiding. And I wondered how much they could really know about their industry or if they were even a real business.

The cards lacking the most info I tossed. How could they be worth my time if they didn’t really want me to get in touch by leaving off valuable contact information on the business card?

Red flag problems I noticed:

No website – Seriously in this day and age you don’t have even a one page website? Especially if your business is internet related? What kind of scam are you running? People often like to check out your website before doing business with you. It gives them an idea if you will be compatible for business.

No physical address – Get a post office box if you’re a home based business and don’t want people to have your home address. Without an address listed how can I find your business or write to you? If your customers feel comfortable sending mail and you have no address on your business card there goes a chance to get a new customer. One that was really bizarre was the card with a city, state and zip code but no street address. What was that about?

No zip code – You gave me your card and wanted to be mailed information. Putting your street, city and state but no zip code is just lazy. Are you being charged by the letter for printing your business cards? If you make your prospect go the extra mile to have to look up a zip code, goodbye new sale, your business card may go straight into the recycle bin.

No email – If your prospect wants to email you with questions before doing business with you, you just lost a sale. Not many people are going to hunt around for your email address on your website. They’ll just move on to your competition. At least get a free Gmail address using your business name if you don’t have a website.

Remember to use your business card as an advertisement and put all contact information on it. Don’t give prospects a reason to move on another business because they couldn’t reach you in a way that made them comfortable.

No one is asking you for personal information on your card. It’s a business card use it to promote your business and catch all the prospects you can with it.

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