About Direct Marketing Rx

My name is Elizabeth Ruiz and I’m a Direct Marketing Consultant and Writer. I love helping people promote their products and services.  I’m fascinated by advertising, copywriting and marketing.  I’ve fully immersed myself in learning as much as I can through ezines, newsletters, books, study programs and more.  But what ignited my passion for all things marketing?

I discovered Dan Kennedy through one of the many ezines I subscribed to and became fascinated with his No B.S. Marketing style. I wanted to use his renegade marketing tips and techniques in my own copywriting.

Dan Kennedy embraced the concept of making money during a recession. How good copy and marketing campaigns could push a business into doing more than survive a recession. Savvy business owners could make more money during a recession then non-recession times.

I was hooked! Now I’m a subscriber of Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Marketing Newsletter and own many of his books. I even met Dan when I attended his No B.S. Wealth Creation Seminar in 2006 and had him autograph his books for me!

Stay tuned for more info about my story…

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