How Not to Market to Women

When you market to women you need to consider their wants and needs. If you don’t you’ll miss the mark entirely and possibly turn the women off from buying your products.

This happened to me today when I came across a Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color Collection ad. I saw this promo video on a makeup blog I subscribe to in my RSS reader and my first thought was “Yikes, this sleazy ad does not make me want to buy lipstick.”

I love cosmetics and usually the advertising reaches out to me and has me eager to try new products. I don’t know about you but when I buy lipstick I’m not thinking about starring in some cheesy erotic video. Even the copy was creepy: “From Sublime to Perverse”, um how is implying perversion going to make a woman want to buy lipstick? More likely make her think of buying pepper spray to keep perverts away.

This ad turned me off to the whole idea of ever trying Tom Ford’s lipstick. What does a shot of low cleavage have to do with my wanting to buy lipstick? Or the phallic symbolism of the lipstick tube when the woman holds it up to her mouth as some anonymous man is ogling her?

Nothing in this ad made me want to buy lipstick. Instead it seemed like a commercial for a late night adult channel and not cosmetics. The video was clearly directed to men…when do straight men buy lipstick?

With a $45.00 price tag on a single tube of this supposedly high-end luxury lipstick Tom Ford needs to do a better job appealing to women.

You can check out the video for yourself below:

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