Bad Customer Service Equals Bad Word of Mouth

If you give your customers the run around when they have a problem you could be ruining your reputation. Think of Kevin Smith and his outraged tweets when he was kicked off Southwest Airlines. Good customer service could’ve dealt with the situation in a way that left Mr. Smith happy with the airline.

That’s not the only story of bad customer service. Musician Dave Carrol’s guitar was broken by United Airlines and it took months to get any kind of resolution.

It’s been almost two years and his YouTube video is still getting hits. United made a poor customer service choice they won’t forget. Neither will anyone else with this music video written by a customer done wrong.

Even though he made follow up videos describing the resolution this original one is forever out there showing all potential customers why they should avoid an airline with bad customer service. Treat your customers with respect and avoid bad word of mouth that lingers forever on the Internet.

Why not give your customers such great service they make a video about the experience.

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  1. Great aArticle….people customers is what puts food on the table witout them you dont eat if you are in any customer service type industry ALWAYS CATER TO CUSTOMER…they may not always be rite but your image dont take a hit.

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