Your Doorway to a Successful Marketing Promotion!

Today I opened my front door to find a hanger on my door. Annoyance turned into happy surprise. Kohl’s hired someone to hang discount tags on the doors in my neighborhood and possibly every neighborhood in town. It was a coupon for $10 of a purchase of $20 or more. Good sized discount and it lured me into Kohl’s. I don’t usually shop at Kohl’s.

The clothes I like are usually in the “I’d have to be anorexic and flat-chested to fit into” sizes. (I’m a buxom not skinny gal.) And the women’s clothes my size look like stuff matronly middle-aged women would wear. On that note my mother loves buying clothes at Kohl’s. The other items they carry I can usually find cheaper somewhere else.

But Kohl’s does have great sales. Although the coupon said the purchase had to be minimum $20 the part that really got me into the store was the small print that read “off all products, including sale items and clearance items”. I thought “Wow, after I stop in at Borders I’m checking out Kohl’s.” The stores happened to be in the same shopping center where I live so it was an easy decision.

This is where many businesses cheap out and look stingy. I’ve seen numerous coupons where they put so many limits on my ability to use them I end up tossing the coupon in the recycling bin.

Afterward I only think of those businesses with amazed disgust. Why bother offering what amounts to a non-existent discount in your coupon advertisement? You’re only going to alienate customers who will go on to shop at stores that appreciate their business and reward them for it.

I really appreciated that Kohl’s offered me a discount coupon I couldn’t ignore considering I’m not a regular shopper. And with only one minor limitation besides and end date which was also generous. The offer was valid until March 14th and started on February 28th.

I didn’t want to miss the deadline so I felt compelled to go in and use the $10 discount on stuff I hadn’t planned to buy. Kohl’s does have good products and I’m more than willing to shop there when the deal is worth it.

If you’re wondering what I bought I’ll tell you. I got a cool new watch and a set of colorful eye shadows in a compact shaped like an iphone. Oh and the items I bought were sale items and I still got my $10 discount. Yippee!

End result for Kohl’s – they got a reluctant shopper in the door spending money and feeling good with their generous Door Hanger Campaign. Now I understand why my Mother loves shopping at Kohl’s. They appreciate their shoppers and reward them for coming into the store.

Are you ready to try your own Door Hanger Campaign yet? Not sure? Interestingly enough, Dan Kennedy recommends using Door Hangers as a unique promotional campaign. I wonder if someone in Kohl’s marketing department reads Dan Kennedy’s newsletter. Hmmm…if so kudos for marketing savvy.

Let me know if you decide to try your own Door Hanger campaign and the results.

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  1. Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  2. The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

    • Sorry the video link did not display. I fixed the problem.

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