Get Gooey Over Gumdrops!

February is about more than chocolate and hearts! Its also about National Gumdrop Day on the 15th! Want to do a marketing mailer with candy and not worry about chocolate melting everywhere? Use gumdrops!

Gumdrops are for more than gingerbread houses. Most of us have at least one memory of gumdrops….oh the marketing aspects of nostalgia. Time to make the most of your marketing mailers and promotions.

Ok, let’s talk about promotional topic tie-ins. Of course the obvious one would be candy stores promoting special gift baskets. Maybe for gift baskets you need to ship across the country or even overseas – sales benefit – gumdrops can travel without melting.

Toy stores can use gumdrops for a promotion sent to parents looking to buy their child a gift. Maybe even the promoting a sale of the Candy Land game.

I remember saving up my allowance so I could buy that board game. I loved staring at the board with all the candy houses and everything else made with candy! Playing the game was fun too. I still have a great love of candy.

Pet stores can send out mailers with gum drops using the headline: “Buy healthy, tasty, chewy treats for your pets and enjoy these gum drops on us.”

Hardware stores can get women customers in with a gumdrop mailer helping them find gifts for their DIY project loving spouses: “Buy your sweetie one of these specially priced items ands get your Honey-Do list done!

My favorite gum drop colors are the green, pink and red ones! What are yours? I’m sure you can think of other promotional ideas to use gumdrops in your mailers. Let me know which one’s you try!

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