9 Lumpy Objects to Get Your Marketing Mailers Opened

Curiosity gets your mailers opened and read. Lumpy items create intense curiosity. I know I can’t wait to open mail that has a strange lumpiness to find out what treat is inside.

Be sure the lumpy item matches the theme of your marketing message. Don’t just randomly add an object that has nothing to do with your promotion. You’ll just confuse your prospects and they won’t be motivated to spend money just wonder about why you wasted yours mailing pointless junk.

Send one of the nine items listed below out in your next direct marketing mailer.
I’ve included sample headlines you can use for your promotional mailers.

1. Bank bag – “Here’s an idea you can take to the bank.”
2. Mini trash can – “Are you throwing away money by missing our sales?”
3. Large treasure chest – “You’ll find your treasure when you_____”
4. Pacifier – “Soothing all your aches____”
5. Self mailing message in a bottle –“Don’t get left stranded without your map…”
6. Boomerang – We want your business back…
7. Compass – Are you lost? Find you’re way back to us.
8. Amber pill bottle – We’ll cure what ails you.
9. Pair of Socks – Our Sale prices will knock your socks off!

Let me know if you mail out one of these items and your response rate.

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