What’s the Best Big Fish Story You’ve ever Heard?

National Fishing and Hunting Day is September 27th. Have some sort of hunting or fishing related sale or promotion. Send out themed mailers and get your customers in the door. Have them supply photos of their best catch and post them on a bulletin board. Offer a prize for customers with the best big fish or hunting story.

Send your clients who love to fish or hunt a complementary tackle box or hunting vest with your logo on it.

I have a friend that loves to go fishing on sunny days. She’s loves to talk about the fish she caught and later cooked for dinner. Hmmm…she’s never shared her catch with me!

Another friend went wild boar hunting and emailed me a photo of her with the huge scary looking beast she caught. She had him made into flavored sausages. I hope he tasted better than he looked. The boar was ugly!

That’s another idea – if you hunt send your best clients some sausages made from the game you bag – be sure to let them know you caught it. Maybe include a photo with it like my friend did.

Send me a copy of your promotional mailer with the fishing or hunting theme. Include the results and I’ll post them here.

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