Wash Your Hands!

September 21-27 is National Clean Hands Week. Avoid colds and other germ related illnesses that can be transferred with dirty hands by promoting clean hand awareness.

Schools, doctor’s offices, hospitals and pharmacies can use this week to raise awareness on the value of clean hands. Adults and children alike can benefit from learning why it’s important to have clean hands. Give adults hand sanitizers and soaps personalized with your business logo.

To make clean hands fun for kids check out  Henry the Hand for information to use in your marketing media. The site has four principles of hand awareness and a cute song that Henry sings along with other educational articles.

The Henrythehand.com has kits for schools or hospitals to encourage children to have clean hands. Available for other businesses there are also stickers, buttons and temporary tattoos available. These items will take the guesswork out of what to give away at health fair or other event focused at children. You can also use the items for promotional mailers and not worry about getting your logo embossed on items.

What do you plan to do for National Clean Hands Week? I’d love to hear about your marketing promotions.

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