Your Name Isn’t Stinky Fish Face?

Have you seen the commercial about the man mistakenly calling his company’s best customer a stinky fish face? Ruining a once successful business relationship. June 1 – 7 is National Business Etiquette Week.

Keep your customers happy by training your employees on the basics of business etiquette. Teach your workers the value of a happy customer. You don’t want to end up in the Customer Service Hall of Shame.

If you have a diverse cultural target market make sure your employees are aware of issues that could be a breach of business etiquette. Check out EthnoConnect for valuable tools on Multicultural Marketing.

Make it fun to learn good business etiquette. Hold a seminar and give your employees incentives to attend like gift certificates, free movie passes or a free lunch.

Let’s hear your business etiquette mishaps and how you saved the situation or if not…what you learned from it.

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  1. In conjunction with National Business Etiquette Week, The Protocol School of Washington is going virtual with a new Virtual Training Center called eClass™. And, during National Business Etiquette Week, when the spotlight is on everyone acquiring these essential business skills, PSOW is offering eClass at half price.

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