Market Your Business with Your Ringtone!

Floating Cellphone

Do you grope for your cell phone every time you hear one ring? Now you can use your cell phone ringtones to add an extra element to your marketing. You can have your business jingle play every time your cell phone rings. How’s that for free advertising? I don’t have a jingle yet but I’m thinking of writing one so my ringtone will give a jaunty commercial for Direct Marketing Rx.

Or create a ringtone for your top clients so you know it’s vital to grab that ringing phone and not miss closing the deal. I’m going to work on creating a ringtone for my key clients.

Maybe you just want to be able to identify your ringing cell phone. Half the time I can’t hear my cell phone ringing above the din of office noise, radios, TVs or everyone else’s ringing phone. I miss a call I was waiting for and get stuck playing phone tag. Cut through the frustration of not being able to distinguish your phone ringtone from the masses of generic ringtones with PhoneZoo. offers free personalized ringtones. You sign in and select your phone carrier and model of phone to insure you can download ring tones. All you need is a microphone for your computer and you can record your own ring tones. Hmmm, I need to go buy a microphone for my pc if I had one I can’t find it now.

And for non-business calls – there are fun ring tones you can use to alert you to calls from specific family members or friends. I have You Are My Sunshine play when my Mom calls me. Cute, huh? She used to sing that to me on Saturday mornings when I was a teenager to get me out of bed. I would get up just so she would quit singing…I’m not a morning person and dearest Mom is one!

I’d love to hear your business ring tone. Let me know how you like

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