The Overlooked Office VIP!

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Administrative Professionals Week is April 20th – 26th. Administrative Professionals are Very Important People in every office and unfortunately often taken for granted while working hard keeping the office operating without a glitch.

During World War II many women “manned” offices as secretaries, clerks and other positions to fill spots left by men off fighting in the war. Originally started in 1952 as Professional Secretaries Week (renamed in 2000 as Administrative Professionals Week) to recognize secretaries for their workplace contributions. It was also meant to attract people to administrative/secretarial careers.

Show your appreciation by rewarding your client’s secretaries and (don‘t forget your own clerical staff) the entire week. Start with a treat they’ll love: a day at a spa, a gift certificate to their favorite book or other store, a gym membership or chocolate is always a good stand by. And a meal is always appreciated: breakfast, lunch or brunch. It’s not too late to make time to show you recognize a job well done.

What is your favorite appreciation gift to give your Administrative staff? Let me know what gets the best results.

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