I Mail, You Mail, We All Have Voice Mail!

Voice Mail

Tired of the same old boring impersonal voice mail messages you hear…along with your own bland outgoing message? How would you like to have personal greetings for each of your customers on your cell phone? It adds to your customer service. Lets your clients know you remember who they are and how important they are to your business. Then you need to try YouMail.

Think of the marketing possibilities. You can make targeted offers for specific clients on your lists. You can record your own messages or use some of the free pre-recorded messages available on YouMail. Specific outgoing messages can be assigned to groups of contacts. Whether you are a sales rep, small business or other professional You Mail is worth trying out.

With YouMail you can check your voice mail online and choose to receive a text message notification of new messages. You can even set personalized messages for your family and friends so they don’t get stuck hearing your business spiel every time they have to leave a message on your cell phone.

I’m having fun using the personal message for friends and I have a new business message. The cool part is I can check and listen to my voice mail messages online after getting an email notification. You Mail even mentioned saving testimonial messages in mp3 format for your future use.

Let me know how it works for you (the kinds of messages you use) and the response from your customers. I’m not getting a nickel for sharing this nifty online tool so check it out.

Here is the link: http://www.youmail.com

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  1. This was great information on a free service. I went out to the site and set mine up immediately. Set up was fast and easy. I’ll check back after I’ve set up my individual messages and have used it awhile. Thanks very much!

  2. Very nice information on a free service. ..



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