Today is Elizabeth Ruiz is a Heck of a Lot Smarter than Everyone Else Day!

Superior Brains

Dan Kennedy said today is Elizabeth Ruiz is a Heck of a Lot Smarter than Everyone Else Day!

Here’s why…as a direct marketer I know stuff others don’t. I thought it was common knowledge but apparently Dan says it’s a revelation to others. Not that I’m superior but about the following marketing tips:

  • I know ROI- Return On Investment.
  • I know message-market match.
  • I know to get direct and immediate response.
  • I know customer value.
  • I know how to assemble an offer and put it in a sales letter.

The list of stuff I’ve learned from Dan Kennedy— its amazing how the overwhelming majority of business owners have no clue about these things. I had assumed they all knew the things I know.

According to Dan I need to take a minute here, smile and congratulate myself. And I need to get somebody to pat me on the back. I should observe some business ignorance today and snicker. Feel superior. I am! Woo Hoo. Not often I can say that!

I’ve invested time and studied and searched and learned, so Dan Kennedy says I deserve to feel superior. So I will walk around today basking in my own brilliance and pitying the poor, clueless fools I see all around me. I don’t want to be an arrogant jerk all the time. But every once in a while, I’ve earned it so today is the day I mention it!

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I hear you about Dan Kennedy and direct marketing. I no longer recall where I came across Dan Kennedy a year or so back but am grateful I did. As an aside, I came across your blog while searching for folks on in the SLO area that mentioned Dan Kennedy / Glazer-Kennedy’s Inner Circle in their profiles. I’m in Grover Beach and also a subscriber to the No B.S. Marketing Letter, among others.

    Feel free to connect to me on @


    P.S. Have you seen The Gary Halbert Letters? If you like Dan you’ll probably them find them thought provoking as well:

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