Is Your Marketing Message Being Upstaged By a Talking Stain?

Green Stain

I love the new Tide commercial with the job interviewee blathering on while the prospective employer just stairs at the shirt stain. The stain babbles nonsense while the employer stares mesmerized. He’s not listening to the interview prospect outlining his skill set and potential value to the company. The oblivious job applicant rambles on unaware of his talking shirt stain.
If your marketing media isn’t performing the way it should as the following questions. Is there a talking stain upstaging my Marketing message? Is it spelling errors, bad design and layout or a poorly worded message? If prospects are focusing on the mistakes and not on the benefits of your product or service then your marketing needs cleaning up. Remove the talking stain and get customers focused on buying from you. .

Let me know what talking stain has been hiding your marketing message. If you haven’t seen the commercial visit and check it out. Send me a photo of your worst shirt stain!

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  1. Good summary of what I too find to be true in the interview process. The interviewer must make sure his/her message is being heard, don’t provide or tolerate any distractions.

  2. Although we are new at using your truly needed skills, we are happy to say implementing into our business affairs has benefited us greatly. Thanks

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