Watch Your Keywords Fight it Out!


Are you wondering which keywords will work best for you? If you’re looking for a quick way to find good search engine results try When you get to the screen you type one phrase into the first keyword box and a second phrase into keyword box #2 and then click make a fight. You’ll see who wins the boxing match when a graph appears showing which phrase has the highest search engine results.

I typed in financial recession and financial boom. Financial recession won with 797,000 hits compared to economic boom which only had 374,000 search results hits. Which means if you want to know what people are searching for it’s the financial recession not a boom. Now you know people are worried about the recession so focus your marketing on surviving or thriving during a recession and get lots more.

Let me know what words win your fights. If you need help getting started check out who wins, vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream.

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  1. To see what keywords your site is ranking for, you can go to SEO Digger at and plug in your domain. You’ll see if your long tail phrases are working after a few months.
    Essentially it’s a reverse search engine of sorts that will show you the keywords a URL ranks for. Simply type in a URL and the tool will tell you which phrases that URL ranks for with-in the top 20 results. Imagine how useful this is when checking out the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, reviewing a website you’re interested in buying or even just checking out the competition.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I just changed a lot of tags according to that. Hopefully I’ll start getting much more hits 🙂

  3. google fight love it

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