Show Me the Money!

Pile of Coins

National Coin Week is April 20-26. Send your clients a bag of chocolate coins or a coin purse to hold their change.

Many even collect elongated coins also known as pressed pennies, nickels or quarters. If you know your clients are fans send the pressed penny wallets to hold their precious collections. Or consider having a die made to press your own logo on pennies for a truly memorable promotional item.

Never heard of pressed pennies? Well here’s some history on them:

In 1893 at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois the first pennies were rolled through hand cranked mill type machines with reverse engraved dies.

Today, pennies are run between rollers under approximately 22 tons of pressure which squishes the penny into an elongated shape with your business logo or other artwork you select for the four dies that come with the machine. Guests supply their own penny and for the price of two quarters they get an enduring memory of their experience.

I’ve designed pressed pennies for clients like amusement parks, zoos and other tourist sites. It’s a popular hobby for many.

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